Monday, November 14, 2005

Holy crap !!!!

So here goes. I have never been so busy in my life. Maybe when I was 21 when I was going out every night after work. But not at this point in my life have I ever worked 6 days. I haven't even looked at my email and I had over 90 of them. Any way ive been working in an Oral surgeons office in Holbrook and it Ffffin Sucks. I hate it there. The Women Suck and everyone else in that office it seems like they all have PMS. Whatever..... I can't handle that. But the good news is that I got called to work in an Endodontist office and I have an appoinment tomorrow morning and I think it will be good. But Im happy I kept telling myself that things will fall into place.
But anyway I keep asking myelf why am I beating myself up over this but like I said that I kept telling myelf it will all fall into place.
I am so mad I keep missing Thursday nights. I have been so tired and I can't even hold myself up by 6 PM there was no way I could make it there. I will be there One day soon I hope.
Knitting front: I was knitting today at lunch time because I couldn't stand to be inside with all the Females on PMS on my lunch hour. Im making a hat for Mark out of lambs pride in army green and the pattern is from Hollywood suss cousin the second book. It's coming out great and Im almost done, It's a very fast knit. I can't wait to finish and give it to him, I almost want to make one for myself. And everyone on my Christmas list.
any way tata for now, Im tired and I need to rest my legs and butt, t hurts from standing all day and doing leaves this past weekend...


Mod Girl said...

So THERE you are! I was wondering where you had disappeared to! LOL!
Sorry to hear about the new job. Hopefully, you will feel like going to SnB this week so we can take your mind off of it!

jen said...

oh i am so glad things are looking up for you!

the hat looks really nice too!