Saturday, December 24, 2005


It seems like this year went so fast, And not only to me but to everyone I know. Its crazy, I know it sounds like im rushing thing but I cant wait till its all over. And the new year gets here. There a lot of thing I have to do this coming year.
Any way Tonight is my mother in laws for the Christmas eve with the fish and crab sauce and and then tomorrow is my mom and dads for Breakfast and an early dinner. I cant wait. It's like Thanksgiving all over again. Turkey sweet potatoes and all the fixings.
So my secret pal got her last package and she loved it. I sent her the hand knit holidays book and some chocolate and a book for the boys and a burt bees lip gloss some yarn that was celery colored and I think im missing something. But all in all Im so glad she got the package early and she loved it. Thanks secret pal for being a great pal.

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stephanie said...

Actually, your secret pal is a gigantic a--, I mean, idiot for not getting you package in the mail. again. The excuses are many, the shame is great. It will be in the mail TOMORROW! I promise!

Merry Christmas.