Sunday, December 04, 2005

Yeeppppeeeeeee!!! It's snowing...

I love the snow....
A really quick breakdown....
Work is great, The money is rolling in and im getting addicted to it. But the only downside is it's cutting into my knitting time. And I don't get a chance to see my knitting friends because by the time Thursday comes im pooped. But this is gonna be a great week. I can't wait till Saturday. I have my Christmas party for work and then after that im going to missys sleepover with all the knit girls.. I can't wait. Im so glad im going.
On Thursday I did get a chance to goto Panera to see half of the girls. It was good to see them. I will see you all this Thursday.
"Christmas shopping" Yea right. I haven't gone out to do so. I did a little on line but not much and I don't think I have any time to do it since I work every day including Saturdays. Im hating life right now But I know it is all for the best.
any way I don't want to stay online too long I just have to post a few pic's and I gotta knit.
Have a great snow day.

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