Saturday, January 21, 2006

Cool stuff.

An awesome package at that. I love it all. Thank you so much Jennifer.
The extra special package is so awesome, And I will be sure to give the store card out to all the others knitting girls I promise. And The sewing on the accessories bags are great. What an awesome job you must have mastered the art of sewing because I couldn't even come close.
Applause to you. Good luck with the shop. Posted by Picasa

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jen said...

hee hee the wire on the marker is too soft you may want to re-wrap it yourself with stronger wire. i just wanted to give you one so badly and i didn't have time to buy bigger gauge wire!! i hope you enjoy the pouches! my sister does the construction and i do the applique sewing/embroidery so it's a team effort! i'll let her know you like them!

we at hope you have fun with your awsome new pouches!