Monday, January 02, 2006

A happy day at work!!!

A great day at work It went fast and I got a lunch break. yepeeee! And we got out on time, Not 7pm like all the other days ive been there. Any way. I have to get some knitting done I have to finish my laptop bag and get it felted tomorrow night after work if i can . I want to be done with it and concentrate on my cable sweater from vintage knits, Right now it is in the attic and I glanced at it the other day when I was up there looking through my huge 2 tubs of stash I have which would have been great to bring a lot of it to the stash bash. Oh well the next one I will so be there. And I will be at SnB this thursday I blocked out that I will be leaving work at 7:oo. now that the holidays are over and people aren't in a rush do have their dental work dont before the end of the year. I love this time of year.
So this will be the year of the baby. Fun Fun Fun .......... Im scared but I will get through it. All this baby talk around me. there is three people I know that I see every week is pregnant, It's awesome It will be a fun ride. I can't wait.
Any way I gotta knit. Have a great week.

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