Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Quick post

What a crazy day at work, Or shall I say 2 hours at work. The power went out and he was in the middle of a root canal, Which the first thing in my head was yea!! I get to go home. But at first he was trying to see if he can fix it, looking nerdly at the fuse box "hehehehe!" Any way turns out that a transformer blew and lipa was coming around to it soon and that he was on the waiting list. So I went home yeeeaaaaa! I was happy, I get some knitting time in the middle of the day which is unusal theses days.
So I ran to the store to pick up some ingredients for a nice pot of chili. And Now im posting. wooo hoooo!!!!
Knitting: I am still working on the entrelac squares neck warmer thing. I was stumped for a little while but got right back on the horse. but again I screwed up. I have to re-evaluate. I did recently get the rowans treasury of knits, it's ok there are some things I would like to make in it, so im gonna try to make it with some of my stash, I have to use some of it. and I came to the conclusion that I am not buying any more yarn I have enough, I just cant do it, I really have to try to use up some of it or at least make a dent in it some how.
I really dont have much to report, Although I have been reading the book that stephanie my Last SP gave me, It is such a great book about knitting stories and all that good stuff, And I didn't even realize that she wrote inside of it. It was such a nice message that I will forever keep that book. I didnt even think to write in her book I gave to her. Im sorry stephanie!!
Untill next post!

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stephanie said...

Actually, Annie wrote that. I had her sign it when I took her class last Fall. I'm glad you're enjoying it. My copy is living on my nightstand right now.