Friday, January 06, 2006

"Secret Pal "

Alright, This was our last gift which was in December. And She was a really great pal so who ever gets her next time around is lucky. And she has a gret stash.
But I have to admit I was talking about her last night not bad but I just couldn't understand why I didn't recieve the package or maybe it got lost in the mail or someone took it off my porch because we Dont get home till very late from work most days. And Now I feel really bad, the past few days would go by and when I get home from work and there was no SP gift in the mail box, I would get so upset. But I feel really bad now because it was sitting in the post office for about a week and I didn't get a notice saying I needed to pick it up before a certain time or else it will be sent back to the sender. Any way Stephanie emailed me and told me to pick it up in the post office and I did today and this is what I got. And the best yet I wanted for the longest time was socks soar on two circular needles. I have to tackle another pair of socks soon, what a great book. and she also gave me 4 sock paterns, cool socks warm feet book. cascade 220 in fushia, some cherry tree hill in great pinks and purples. Awesome !!!! And a great knitting therapy book that i will read in between rows of knitting. Some Burt bees cuticle kit which was so cute I was putting some wax on marks nails while we were driving to the jewerly store to size my wedding band after we picked up the package it was so funny. Thank you so much Stephanie, The best gift ever you went overboard Thank you sooooooo much.... I wont forget you ..... Posted by Picasa

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