Saturday, January 28, 2006

So I felt a little better this morning

Just enough to go to grannys, and spend not too much $. Got a lot for my buck. I got some Plymouth Geisha In pink and blue to make an awesome baby blanket with a heart in the middle of it. And some free patterns in the free pattern bin. Also some trekking that everyone is going crazy over. I might cast on for some socks tonight. Totally against my wishes to start another project. Also got some buttons, and also 10 balls of vento that I was eyeing the last time I was there and granny gave them to me for 1 buck each that's also going to be a baby blanket. And I got a clear Chibi with gold needles. And every thing was a percentage off. I was so happy going home.
So as I was heading home I knew I had some laundry to do, so I did. So that I didn't have to do it tomorrow, instead I can stay home and knit and get some projects done. Came home afterwards and sat down and casted on for one of the baby blankets. Im so done I don't think it was a great idea to shower and run out, I was sweating all day I felt like I had a fever still but I had to get out and get the laundry done oh and also get over to the grannys sale. Im good for now and very content. Posted by Picasa

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Starfish said...

Hi Cherise..Found your blog through Dani's and realized you were the one I met at the SnB that night I showed up looking for her. Still haven't managed to meet up with that mysterious girl! Thanks for being so nice!

I too am dying for trekking, can't wait to see how your sock knits up. I do alot of baby stuff too, so if you ever want to swap books/patterns, let me know!!