Monday, March 27, 2006

What I have on my Ipod!

I got this off of I love her blog it's a very pinky kinda blog, and shes always doing great knitting projects.

So here we go.
1. 40 f00t ringo - Book of virtues.
2. The Baby's - Head first
3. Enuff z Nuff - One step closer
4. Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love
5. George Michael - Heal the pain
6. Kiss - Naked city
7. The Beatles - Baby's in black
8. Foo Fighters - All my life
9. Faith No More - Easy
10. Nirvana - Stay away
11. Kiss - Sure know something

Im getting carried away. I love this liitle thing along. I know I have a lot of kiss and all the beatles, But Iwas dissapointed that Van Halen didnt come. And I know dani will have to agree with me on that one.


Nae said...

Things are good...Just working really hard at this new job...Actually im at work now and if i get caught i will probably be in trouble lol...Roxy is getting even more bratty she walks now and she talks a lot also...How are things with you and Mark??

Dani said...

NO Halen came up? My my my!!
When I go for my walk this afternoon I will note my random play list too

Candice said...

i love george michael! I admit i dance in my kitchen when im cooking and i sing into a spoon. I bought the greatest hits.. i love it.

Cara said...

Oh My God! SURE KNOW SOMETHING?! That's so funny! My husband is a Rock Soldier and Dynasty is my favorite album! I also love Faith No More's version of Easy. I saw them do it on Jay Leno AGES ago and it was excellent!