Friday, April 28, 2006

A blanket For a little bundle

Its been like forever without a post, I never go this long, Like Dani said I have been out of touch. And for my new project, A baby blanket, Yes for a boy and no not for my baby because I am no where near even prego! Sorry mom. But I just figured I try what Efrat is doing, A blanket in strips and then sewing them together. The picture does no justice, it look so much better in person, As I go Im gonna start the stripes in a few. Posted by Picasa


efrat said...

ooooh, i've converted someone to my panel-blanket method! remind me to explain to you what i do to make sure they're the same length (width doesn't matter).

see you soon, i hope!

Juls said...

This looks great! Where are you getting the pattern for each square or is it random?