Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tempting II, finished!

I can't help to laugh when I see David lee roth behind me. Does anyone else laugh at this?
Here goes... Alright dont laugh but my head looks like it shrunk in the picture. I love it But I think I could have done the band around the top with a size smaller needle. it kinda flops in the back and doesn't hold close to my skin. So I think some time in the future I need to do the band over. I have had enough of tempting II for now so it's just gonna situntil I get ot it. so any way here is the picture enjoy. And dont laugh to hard at my head. Posted by Picasa


appleselby said...

Looks awesome - a total triumph! And the detail looks lovely :)

Becky said...

That looks great on you! I love the ribbing.

stephanie said...

it's not that your head looks small, it's that tempting gives the illusion of wider shoulders, which leads to the appearance of smaller waistlines. (I love those kinds of patterns!) The sweater really shows off your neck and face and complements the new 'do. Very flattering.

re-do that neckline or it will sit and sit andyou won't wear it. and not wearing such a nice sweater would be a shame.

Dani said...

You look gorgeous as always! The sweater is awesome I KNEW it would look this good on you! The pics do little justice to your adorable hair though, it looks great in pics but AMAZINGLY GREAT in person LOL

savannahchik said...

it looks GREAT! congratulations on finishing.

another option for that top band could be to weave in some clear elastic. it might pull it in just enough for you.