Monday, May 08, 2006

The Fold = Socks That Rock

What was behind the curtain? wouldn't you like to have been there. It was so beautiful to see when it was unvailed. I couldnt wait to see what was under the sheet at 8:30 in the morning I did take a peek. I stole this picture from Dani's Blog because I took like 1 picture. Posted by Picasa


Dani said...

Stole nothing, you are welcome to any pictures I took =)

chris said...

Ahhh, I really wish I'd bought more STR while I had the chance! And Brooks Farm, too . . . I pulled a dunce on that one and only bought 3 skeins of the same color and now I wish I'd bought more.

I guess I'll just have to coerce my buddies into finding a way to go to Rhinebeck. You in?