Sunday, May 14, 2006

A great weekend to start!

First thing first I need to say Thank you so much to Becky my Vacation swap pal. She sent me the most amazing package, with a great theme of colors - Purple and green She hit it right on the head. She even made a Cat toy for Stan that he went crazy over he was playing with it all night
I went to work this morning and after work I went to Efrats house for an afternoon of crafts. It was going to be Lizzyies last day with us, she is moving to Philidelphia for school I wish her the best of luck!
So I was at Efrats for Three hour and it was so much fun. We made pins with slides and clip art and used this silver and copper tape that wrapped around the edges, I have to take pictures of them all, Also Magnet with clip art. They came out so beautiful.
So when I left Efrats house I needed to get plants for mothers day and Then stop at the store to get Hambuger buns for some company that we were having back at our house, so when I got home I had a box waiting for me to open up, which I was so suprised. So I waited till after I ate something to open it. when I sat down and open it, i opened slowly and enjoyed every second of it. Just look at the pictures.
But I have been running all day and right now it is 2:32 In the morning I need some rest I have a long day tomorrow On the run again.
I have to say to all the moms and especially My Mom.

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