Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sock!!!! I have the fever !!

Doing well with the socks, Only because I have been paying attention to it. I really love working with this yarn I can even express how much I am in love with it. The color way is not my favorite it's called Hard Rock, I cant wait till I get to the farm house colorway.
I haven't been workin on somewhat cowl because Im up to the ribbing and you know how much I love to Rib. YUCK!!!!!! Im 90 percent done, I got this far I think I need to really concentrate on it, But not until I finish the socks.
And one other thing......... Do you see the I POD color screen 30 gig with video sitting so pretty. Well Mark surprised me with it when I got back from Maryland. Although I did throw a little hint Before I left. Only because my other 4th generation one that I had just felt like it didn't want to work any more and I never bought a warranty for it so I was shit out of luck and it wasn't worth sending it out to repair, So I came to the conclusion that I needed another one with a 3 year warranty. The old one only lasted a year and a half. So thank god because I was so lost without my pod and being that we are going away at the end of the month I need it to take my mind off getting onto the plane and a little pill to put me out. I cant wait. So that's it for now,
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chris said...

Ohhhh, that sock is gaw-geous! Is that some yarn you bought at MSWF? Wow! I haven't even completely unpacked all the stuff I bought!