Monday, June 05, 2006

IM BACK !!!!!

Well where do I start.
Well for one there are so many pictures that you need to scroll down to look at. It was way to beautiful. I was so impressed with the fact that I got on that damn plane in the first place, Im kidding I had a pill for that. But really the thunderous sound of the surf was amazing while swinging back and forth on a hammock and being able to do absolutely nothing but sitting by the pool and eating authentic Mexican food and knit was what I was longing for for months when we first booked this trip. But words cannot explain the beauty of it all. It was a huge party town, clubs everywhere and food places like taco shacks on every corner. We ended up going to dinner with the other two guys and afterwards we maybe spent a couple of minutes in a club (my club days are so Over) and after Mark and I went on our own and took a long walk back to the hotel to watch the star and listen to ocean on the beach which was so wild, the stars almost touched the ocean - that's how low they were. AMAZING!!! It was very Romantic.
But on the knitting front I did so much of the Chic Cami But for some reason My Denise size 6 needle decided that she had enough knitting and snapped on me half way through I lost some of my stitches and I had to set it aside, So you can imagine how lost I was after that I had no knitting and all I had was my Jodi Picoult book " My Sisters keeper" to read and hoped to finish. But It was really hard to read or knit in the sun because it was so hot so you had to keep jumping in the water to cool off But it wasn't Humid so it was hard to judge. All in all there was a lot of laughs with Buddy and Eric and all of us together we had such a great time I would do it again in a heart beat But I was really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things here. There is no place like home.


Nanc said...

Wow - What a wonderful vacation! It looks like you had a splendid time. But did you finish your knitting project? Or did all that sun, surf, and suds keep you occupied?

Mod Girl said...

Welcome back - the pictures are beautiful!! I'm so glad you had a nice time :)
When are you coming knitting again? Miss you!

KNITWHIT said...

Those are great pictures, and it looks like a fabulous place. I'd always thought of Cabo as just a flat, tropical beach. But those photos of the rock formations are beautiful!

Thanks for sharing them!