Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Im back, and knitting fast.

Do I look prego. I have given you guys a belly shot yet because I really have nothing to show. I registered today and I had the best time doing it better than when I registered for the bridal shower. All the greatest little clothes and the best stroller that fold up in an instant. I really cant wait. Posted by Picasa


Nanc said...

Wow - when you come back to blogging, you do it with a gusto! (ha ha) You don't particularly look preggers, but you sure look happy - and ain't that the best?!

Cute felted bag. What yarns and pattern did you use? And I really like the scarf/bonnet from the previous post.

Martha said...

If you don't look pregnant it's only a testament to your good abs!

Devon said...

You look wonderful and have that happy healthy glow. Glad to see that you are still knitting. I have finished my sweater vest and love it!! Now I have a lace sweater, fingerless gloves and of course a soft scarf on the needles!! So much fun! Take care, it just gets better and better!

ericah64 said...

The only part of you that looks preggers is your boobs! ;->

Registering IS fun! Where did you register? Hubby loved the scanner guns at Target & Toys-R-Us ("Erica, the baby needs a Nintendo...")