Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wee little hat

Every thing came back ok with the blood work no need to do the 3 hour test thank god. But the only thing the doctor did say was that my hemoglobin level was lower than the norm and she asked me if I was taking my vitamins and I paused for a second and she knew right away and said I needed to keep up with them ahhhhhh I felt like an ass when she said that because I know better. Last night I felt like crap after work I felt like I wanted to died I had really bad abdominal bathroom pains, but they subsided. Not much really to report except I knitted a baby hat while I was waiting to do the glucose test,I didnt finish it till yesterday and tied in all the ends last night. Thats it for now..... Have a great day.


Nanc said...

You be careful and healthy and good, to yourself and the babe. But you know this.

The bitty hat is cute.

Devon said...

What a sweet little hat. I hope you are doing well, putting your feet up and knitting loads!

Happy Holidays!