Tuesday, March 20, 2007

We're A family !!!!

We are a family. It feels weird but great to say. I am officially a mother with all the spit up on my shoulder LOL. Oh My God Im a mother. WOW !!!!!!


Anonymous said...

she is gorgeous!!!!!!!

Enid(in the UK)

alice said...

hi doll!

i know i haven't seen you in ages (is there still even a knit nite?) but i just wanted to say congradulations! what a beautiful baby! i was blessed to be the birth coach for a friend of mine almost 3 weeks ago, and it was an amazing experience. have fun!!! and if you ever need another young, hip new mommy to hang out with, my friend marissa is an awesome chick and is... on the prowl for mommy-friends.

again, congrats!

stephanie said...

I still can't get over how incredibly beautiful Mia is. I've been meaning to reply to your e-mail but just haven't had time. Make sure you're getting plenty of sleep yourself.