Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I swear I have knitting content !!

What a great weekend. It started on Thursday all the way through till Monday. The little one was so good all weekend I thought I was going to be a basket case because of the heat it was very hot and humid and YUCKIE !!!! she fussed a little when we got to the big party on Saturday so I stripped her down to her onesee and she was fine after that. I have to say this weekend went very quick I hate that. Im happy the summer is here but I really hate to sticky days when you feel like your clothes are sticking to you. I really have to take photos of some of the knitting I've been doing Im so bad with taking pictures of my knitting when theres a baby in the house your camera automatically focuses on the little one.


Devon said...

What a sweet baby! And you look great... I think I looked dazed and shell shocked for the first 6 months!

Would love to see your knitting! I am taking on a new summer vest with cables, in ribbon. Very pretty, but making lots of changes to the pattern, now I'm confusing myself! Yikes.

The Pattern Slave said...

Of course you have knitting content. It's simply outranked by Lady Mia!