Sunday, March 20, 2005

First Day Of Spring!!!!!!

Well It's the first Day of Spring. But It was really crappy! Bla. I can't wait till I can walk out with just a sweater and be happy when I hear the birds chirping. So I had a long and busy weekend. I went to my friend Bridal shower, It was fun, Her favors were picture frame and Yankee candle it was really nice. And then it was my father inlaw's birthday the same day I literally came home from the shower and ran back out to goto dinner with marks parents, So all I wanted to do today was stay home, But I didn't I went to my friend jenn's house for dinner and we went to AC Moore and I ended up getting a knitting book and so yarn to make a toddler ear flap cable hat. Which I want to start on but I have to finish one of my WIP that I had laying there in the back in a bag that I pulled out yesterday or the other night I think, it was a gedifra pattern that im doing in Reynolds saucy, Like a tan color really pretty, I have to take a picture of it. So I also felted my purple bag that I have the pictures up of, today at my friends house. It came out really nice, don't ask why im making all of these bags, I have no idea. But I really love knitting them up. And what else lets see. I don't want to goto work tomorrow. And I have a long week ahead, Bla! And Im still waiting for my yarn from Uruguay. It has not arrived yet and im getting very anxious, But I did email them and asked when I should expect it to arrive and they wrote back by Thursday, this Thursday. And I ordered this on like the 10 the of march. So if your wondering how long it will take to get to your home from Uruguay estimate like two weeks, or longer. But it will be well worth the wait. You will see when I get the package I will take a picture of them all they are so beautiful.
so I have to say also, so far the best and my favorite felting yarn is lamb's Pride. The best so far. I used noro and the Uruguay stuff and it felts nice too, well they all are great but there's always a favorite. And you know which that is. So any way another week to get by and another bag felted. Till next time.

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