Thursday, March 17, 2005

It's St Patrick's Day

HAPPY ST. PATRICK"S DAY to all. I Know im being bad to all my knitting friends at the stich and bitch. I haven't been there since last Thursday, and im not going tonight because ENUFF z NUFF is playing at the DOWN TOWN. I cant wait to go, and im not going to be able to make it on Saturday because it's my friends BRIDAL SHOWER, and then I have to go out to eat at night with my inlaws because it's my father inlaws birthday. It's a busy week, it will slow down next week I feel so bad I love going to stich N bitch. I worked late any way tonight just got out a little while ago.came home checked my blog and then got dressed and then entered a post while im waiting for mark to get home so we can go. I hope he gets here soon I don't want to miss them.
So I don't know how im gonna get up tomorrow for work, it's been a while since I pulled one of these off, I will let you know tomorrow how it went. By for now.

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RunsWithTrowels said...

are you kidding me?? enuff 'z enuff?? fly high michelle! i can't believe they are still around & playing. i hope the show was great.
i love the marsupial bag... great colors.