Thursday, March 10, 2005

Hi everyone. I got up with a headache. I took two aspirin but it didn't kick in yet. I went to bed late, Knitting all night. I want to finish my booga bag. I took pictures of it's in black and white stripes. I cant wait to felt it. Im also so mad that I cant Go to AC Moore They are having a sale on all of ther yarn. I think im gonna go before I go to stich group tonight. I ll only spend a few bucks. I have to find my secret pal Phildar Patterns I have to look in to grannys only because shipping is like 5 bucks and its not worth it Ill just grab it from granny's. OK now who's my secret pal? Im so happy I have one, I was worried, I was telling DH I don't think they assigned me one, it's so much fun. I have to write more about my everyday life, Yesterday I watched the my boss's kids I watch them on the day I don't assist the Doc. But I was so drained the other day, I canme home and all I wanted to do was fall asleep, But I couldn't I needed to knit.
for now I am saying good bye.

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KIm - said...

Love your website, my sister met you a couple of weeks ago on a Wednesday at AC Moore, I am also knitting, definitly a beginner. She told me about stitch and bitch on Thursday nights. Are you on for March 24th and what location, is it still Panera Bread on Sunrise Hwy.? What time? Sounds interesting. Thanks, Kim