Friday, April 15, 2005

Mom is in Long Island. woohoooo!!!!

Ok I am so mad about last night. My boss all he does is talk and talk and talk when it's about 10 min to 8:00 pm, I kept looking at the clock like it was gonna help me get out quicker. Long story short I didn't get out till 8:35 and it was too late to drive to SnB. I was very cranky and mad about this, But what are you gonna do!...... So when I got home I was so mad that I didn't even pick up my needles to do any knitting. But for today I had a great day, My mother came out from the Bronx and I went to lunch with her, I took her to Charlie browns. She had a burger and I had a buffalo chicken wrap. It was so good. But then after that I took her to Wild n Wooly Wools and of course I scored, my mother decided to pay for the Awesome bag I got and some sock yarn cotton very cool I didn't take advantage of my mom. I love you mom!!!! Thank you so much for my knitting supplies. And then after that I took my mom to meet my friend Jenn and her two boy's and her hubby, we had a few laughs and then Mark stopped by jenns house on the way home from work and before you know it, it was almost six and my mom had to get going. So she left and mark went home and I left shortly after that. But in all my day was great. So I can't wait till I cast on with this stuff. I will take a picture of the yarn later and post it, And my awesome over the shoulder purple bag.
I miss my mom!!! I wish she did live closer to me this way she can just fly over for dinner and all that good stuff. I wonder what it will be like when I have a child. I can't wait. I wish she would move out here, that will never happen. bla!
I have to work tomorrow I hate the Saturday thing but I get out at 1, so it's not hat bad. And I am going to SnB tomorrow night no matter what, I have to send Rebecca an email that I am going. I hope Dani makes it too. I also have to do some knitting tonight can't go to bed too late tonight or I will be shot for the rest of the day after work tomorrow. And I am doing the MS walk on Sunday I can't wait, I feel so great when I do things for a good cause.
Well I hope to see all my knitting friends tomorrow night. By for now


me myself and i said...

woo hoo! way to go mom!!! I wish my mom lived closer too but I would always be taking her over to Wild and Woolys since she likes to crochet!
I cant go tomorrow..I have to work. i usually work friday nights but he asked me to come in on saturday to train a new nurse...sigh! I will miss seeing you! But I will be there next saturday!!! Have fun with all your new things!

me myself and i said...

oops! I mean I will be there next thursday but who knows...maybe saturday too???

Dani said...

Aww Charisse, as much as I want to be there, it's not happening =( It's the birthday dinner for our friend Brian, so I will have a house full of people tomorrow night (and will be spending the day in the kitchen making my homemade chicken pot pie - its tradition the birthday person picks their meal, and he love my pot pies, so...) I posted my crazy weekend schedule on my blog, and sadly, it's a LOW knitting weekend. BUT I have started the decreases for the toe of my sock, and if my head wasn't pounding I'd finish it off tonight - maybe in the morning before I do the Saturday bathroom kitchen scrub downs? I will ABSOLUTELY be there next Thursday night though!

Can't believe you made a W & W trip, I'm JEALOUS!!! But it's awesome your mom bought you such nice stuff!! I'm trying to figure out what (if any) LYS are near the hotel in the city my aunt is staying at, and if I can con Rich & her that I MUST stop in during the day Monday while we are there. Fat chance, but I'm gonna try!!

Hope tomorrow flies for you!! Have a great weekend, and I will call you during the week for sure!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had a nice visit with your mom. It's nice when family gets to visit. Enjoy those cotton sox! And you absolutely must post a better pic of the bag so I can see what will fit in it!

--secret squirrel