Thursday, April 14, 2005

Working and Posting

Ok !!!! Im posting at work, If my boss catches me im fired!!!!!
But all is well, My mother In law is back from North Carolina she came home on tuesday night, and she came home with a suprise for me and mark. she bought mark a cheap trick poster and me a drop spindle with roving, I was like no way I was so happy until I took it home and started with it and I was getting fustrated, I have to really take the time to sit and do it. I have to see it done.
So last night Dani My other knitting friend came over my house and she was so funny when she walked into the house she was like OH MY GOD, it was really funny she is a huge Eddie Van Halen fan and thats all thats covering the living room walls. But the reason she came over was for me to help her with her sock problem. and at first as I was reading the instruction on her sock pattern I was like oh no! this is gonna be hard but we made it through, it was like 9:00 when she asked hte time and I have to say it went quick. Well I have to go, and ill see everyone tonight at SnB.


Nae said...

Ahh CHEAP TRICK...I want you to want me i need you to need me muahaha i love them >.< Yea spinning gets you pissed off but have patience and i promise you will get it...You should buy a spin off mag. it teaches you

Dani said...

And I'm STILL going OMG - so much Eddie, so little time. I had so much fun, and you and Mark are just TOO cute!

The sock has progressed nicely today! This morning after Rich left I finished up the decreases, and I brought it with me to work hoping to get some time in, but it never quite works out that way... I do have a few actual foot rows done, and *MAY* actually get to finish it tonight if I don't pass out the second I walk in the door LOL

BTW - the bloglines thing I mentioned last night? will make it much easier to keep up with everyone's blogs - any questions, lemme know!

me myself and i said...

hey hon!
Missed you last night! Can you make it on saturday???