Monday, May 09, 2005

Crazy Mothers day.

Well I had a very crazy mothers day with mom. I mean crazy, I'll Tell you all about it.
Mark and I got to my mom's about 1:30 or so, she was excited to see us, we ate an early dinner, My friend Jackie came over with the baby, She's so beautiful, and getting so big. So my dad came out of his room and got a bit to eat and then went back into his room to lay down, So I looked at my mom and asked what was wrong with him and is he ok, So she said not sure but he didn't look good when he came home yesterday. And that was it. So about an hour or so later I heard my dad calling for my mom, and when we got up to see, he was holding on to the wall to walk down the hall way and he said he was dizzy and nauseous and told my mom to call the ambulance. Now for those of you that know my dad he hates hospitals and is deathly afraid of throwing up, that's a no no. So we knew there was something definitely wrong with him. So the ambulance came and took his blood pressure and it was 200/1112 no all of you know that that is way off the charts. So they took him away and before they got him to the ambulance he threw up in the street. And by the time they got him to the hospital his pressure went up to 236/113 he could of has a stroke or a heart attack, And mind you hes not that old. (53yrs) So they ran tests on him and the results they came up with was that he has vertigo. Probably due to him high blood pressure. It is the scariest thing to see your dad in the hospital, not a good site for me, Then I started to think about when he really gets old and can walk. I hate to think that way but I know it's gonna happen some day. But my poor mom, in the past 5 years she has been in and out of the hospital with my brother like every other month, and now it's my dad. It's crazy. I have to go and see him on Wednesday. I have to work tomorrow till late and then I will head into the Bronx.
So all and all I couldn't sleep late night. I slept on the couch. And I was supposed to do laundry but that's out and Im exhausted.


Dani said...

Oh Char, I am so sorry - are they keeping him or did they send him home? If you need anything just let me know, k? Call ANYTIME if you need to just talk, got it?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that your dad isn't feeling well. Please let me know if there is anything I can do!

Nae said...

:O CHARISSEEEEEEEEE tell mommy is she needs my mom to call her omg this has been a messed up year im sorry if you need me you can call me :\ I hope he feels better

me myself and i said...

i am so sorry!!!!!!!!! your dad is in the right place to be taken care of properlyI will remember him in my prayers...big hugs to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry your dad isn't well right now. I'm sure he will be o.k. once the medication gets his blood pressure under control. Have you knit your mom a "prayer shawl?" With what it sounds like you all are going through, it may make you both feel better. Don't know if you're particularly religious, but positive energy is always a good thing.

Don't forget to take care of yourself in all this. I'll be thinking about you.