Tuesday, May 10, 2005

What a crazy Day !!!

OMG! Every one has been so supportive., it's so nice to know that you have people that care. it means a lot. Well dad is feeling better and he's still in the hospital, they took various tests and an MRI with IV contrast, and saw a little something on the brain, but the doctor assured him that it' just might be something due to the high blood pressure, So tomorrow they might release him. But for now his pressure is still up and he has all these appointments when he gets out to take care of his pressure and every thing else. But all in all my mom is hanging in there. She is very positive, how I don't know. It's really funny the other day I got a card from her and it said just thinking of you and I hope you have a great day, and there was $20 bucks in it and it said to go buy some yarn. She's the best I love her so much and I just hope that after all of this, things get a little easier for her where she doesn't have to worry as much and ce at ease. Im so tired of the worrying I hope she can live the rest of her life without worrying and just be happy.
But on a fun note , and don't ask me how I can even think of this at a time like this, But this is my only sanity. I amde another bag that's cone and just waiting to be felted. And The girl at the hair salon called me today and wanted me to come in tomorrow to get the purple redone, im so glad you should of seen it it washed out within a week, I can't walk around like this any longer. I should take a picture of it before I get it done so all of you can see how bad it looked. So tomorrow I will be there at 9:30 AM to get fixed, and then off to catch up on some around the house chores. I really hope my dad gets out tomorrow he needs to be home where he's comfortable. Im so tired I have to get to bed soon. But before I go I have to say that im so glad that the secret pal that has me received the stick markers that I sent to her and she sent me a great email thanking me, I love sending things to friends that I know will enjoy every second of them. And also I received stich markers from my secret stich marker pal Jennifer. She's way cool I have to keep in touch with her. And also I have to get my secret pal's package out very soon, I think I have enough to send so far for this month.And I also have to post a picture of the stich markersI revieved from Jennifer.

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Dani said...

WHEW! Im happy to have some good news - one of my friends dad is not fairing well *at all* We are all praying for him and the family, and of course until we know your dad is home safe I will continue to kjeep you all surrounded with healing comforting thoughts as well!!

HUGS my friend - hope you can make it tomorrow night so we can see your hair and spend some time with ya!