Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Here Is the The the Awesome package that my secret stich pal sent to me. when I opend the package I was so suprised to see all the other stuff she sent to me I felt bad, because she sent me all this other stuff, next time I know better. thank you Jennifer.
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jennifer said...

i think it's funny we got ours on the same day. what timing we had. so did i do an awsome job channeling you at the craft store or what? the pink panther stickers were because of that fabulous mug you had on here!
i have you bookmarked i will be in touch and watch for further mail!


Dani said...

they're AWESOME! I haven't received mine yet, but im sure any day now =) These swaps are so much fun, and I am glad you had such a great pal!