Friday, May 27, 2005

I have no luck, What so ever!!!!

SnB was great last night, we all had a lot of laughs. I get home last night open my mail and this letter of suspension of my license due to lapse of insurance. So now im fuming because I know that I had insurance and there was no lapse, I just switch insurance companies. What ever. So i get to the motor vechicles this morning and I have to pay a fine of 200 dollars, I was like wait a minute, there is no way that I am paying for someone else's mistake. That's bull shit. So I called my insurance company screaming at them because it is such an inconvenience for me, I faxed over the paper that I got in the mail to her and now im just waiting, Mind you all that I have to reregister my car because it is up the end of this month. I hate to wait. You have no idea.
Im so Pissed right now, but I know that all I can do is wait, Ill be alright, I also have bad cramps, need I say more.
So I think im going to knit something to calm me down, And take a pamprin. Ill feel better in a little while.
So it looks like this weekend is going to be a nice one, So on with the party we go, on Monday.
I have to go shopping with Mark for some stuff. Like food and Beer. All the party essentials. Every one is invited. I will do my best to get everyone here. Tomorrow is the flee market I will be going with Joye , Lori and Talin. Then we can come back to my house , or do what ever they want to after. And that's all for today. Ill let you know what happens tomorrow.
And everyone that is going on the yarn bus tomorrow, have fun. Don't buy too much. You are all going to love it there and your not gonna want to leave.


Mary said...

I just heard about the flea market being cancelled, that totally sucks!!! I hope you find something fun to do!

Anonymous said...

Not sure what the form is or to whom you sent it, but it might help to get a letter faxed from your ins. company - though showing your declarations page to DMV might work just as well. It should show the date your policy went into effect. Did they at least reinstate your license?

Good luck. I despise dealing with bureaucrats and really feel for you. At least this isn't something that will put points on your license.