Wednesday, June 01, 2005

What A crazy day and a crazy weekend PARTY!

Hey every one, Sorry I haven't kept up with the blogging thing, But I have to say I've been very busy. The party went well, I love to host but you never eat enough. But it was a lot of fun. Joyce, Beney and her friend came on by and it was great having some of my friends around, But I felt bad because I really didn't get to spend much time with them, But im glad they saw my house, Im sure they will tell everyone at SnB tomorrow night. But all in all it was fun and we were both popped by the end of the night. So I took care of the fine at the motor vehicles, I was fuming because when I went there today I didn't have my title to the car so I couldn't register it until I went back home to get it, Mind you I had no idea where I put it, So when I came home I tore the house apart, don't' ask me how I found it in a matter of 30 min. I ran back to the motor vehicles. Registered it and I was done, I needed a cocktail after so off to Taco Bell I went, hehehehe!
So I came home and I popped my Ipod in and Im blogging. I took pictures of my project to post, and I also hand felted my bag so my secret pal can see, Im saving the Cascade for a great felted hat for the winter. But im getting all the use out of the felting materials, I absolutely love them all.Thank you again. So I ripped out this sweater that I made out of Gedifra yarn that it came out huge, Never put it together, I knew it would be too big so I frogged it. And im almost done with the cardigan from Hollywood Suss Cousins the first one, all I have is the sleeves to do then im ready to sew. I love the patterns in her book. But so not worth 30 bucks. I finally put a wish list up in my profile. But I can't figure out how to show my picture up on my blog profile. I need help. I hate when I don't know how to do something that I know is so easy. I have to post a finished project sweater up there I feel like I never finish my sweater projects I just tell you about them and show you them half finished. So what else to report not that much more. I can't wait till Thursday night, I need a night to just relax and knit.

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