Friday, May 06, 2005

Ive had it with my hair

I am flipping mad!!!!! My hair.... That's my problem today. I washed it twice this week after I had it done on last Saturday, And now it's faded. It kind of looks yellowie at the ends. Im so pissed. So at lunch today I went to the salon and I showed her and she was going to sit me down and do it for me right then and there, and went in the back and came out and said that they don't have the color and they just ordered it this week and as soon as it comes in she will call me and throw the color in it. So I asked her if this is what it was gonna look like all the timeand she assured me that it wasn't, and that it gets better and better every time you do it.. So I was happy after that. But there was no way I was just gonna let this one go. So Yesterday was a lot of fun at the SnB, My friend Dani wasn't there she was sick. And I got a little knitting done, and Lori brought in her stash and sold it for a little change, and It all went, Dani you missed out. And after SnB I went to marks friend's house (Rob and Allison) We had a little cinco de myo party, I know I did't spell that right. Feel free to correct. So we got home at 12 midnight or so and I pooped out. And this weekend is going to a perfect weekend to knit, it's going to rain all day tomorrow and Sunday I hope not I have to ride into the Bronx and see MOM!!! I can't wait. I have to get a really pretty plant. And that will be my weekend, and if anyone is free on Monday call me im off. Talk to you then...


Dani said...

sure sure rub it in - I know I missed out on Lauri stash, but s'ok - I will make it up soon enough. Ear infections suck, but i have meds now, so im on the road to recovery.

SOrry about the hair, but Im sure you will get it fixed and your new coloring will take better.

Have a great weekend!

jennifer said...

no markers yet! but you will be the FIRST to know when i do get them!
i'm glad you had a lovley weekend.