Monday, May 23, 2005

Spring Cleaning! "No not yarn spring cleaning"

Mark and I were cleaning the house on Saturday, we are trying to make the house presentable for Mondays party. But I took down all the blind and sprayed them down outside and scrubbed the crap out of them, they were so dusty. YUCK! Maybe that's why my allergies were so bad, But I was sneezing this morning, so I guess not. So while mark was cleaning the inside windows I was outside, It was so beautiful, I didn't want to come in. But I paid for it the next day, My arms were killing me. That just goes to show you how much in shape im in shape. Ha! So what else, On Sunday we woke up early and went to the Tic Toc Cafe in saint James. It was so cute inside, but you have to order your own food and the girls bring it out to you. kind of like Panera. We stayed there for a little while I looked through the paper and I saw that sports authority was having a sneaker sale so I asked mark if he would buy me Sneak's, So we went after breakfast and I got purple and gray Sneak's They are way cool. Then we went to borders. And then we food shopping and then came home. We were supposed to see Star Wars but that didn't happen. But that's ok. Then I got the itch to plant some flowers in the pots that I had from last year,I ran to the nursery bought a flat and planted, Mind you I drank a red bull before I got that urge or else i would have been resting and knitting. So on the knitting front. Im almost done with the socks for Mark that I will post the picture. And the inter Weaves tank top im so stuck I think im doing it wrong but im not sure I have to ask one of my fellow knitters on Thursday. I really want to continue and finish. But I think we accomplished a lot this weekend I can't wait till Monday " memorial Day" Everyone is invited, I will tell everyone on Thursday night. But I know Lori, Talin, and me. And Im not sure who else, are doing the craft fair on Saturday, and then afterwards we can come back to my house for a BBQ, I will ask them on Thursday what they want to do. Well it's 12 Noon And I have to jump in the shower Im not going to let this computer take up all my time in the day.
Have a Great Day Everyone.


Dani said...

Gonna miss you on Saturday for sure (and Talin and Lauri too!!) but there will be a next time! I will ask Rich about Monday tomorrow night - would love to come hang out!!

Nae said...

OHHHHH I seen STAR WARS last night i got home at 2 in the morning cause of it i fell asleep towards the end cause i was so tired but it was a great movie you need to go see it Charisse