Friday, May 20, 2005

It's Friday !!! WooooHoooo!!!!!

Alrighty, Today is Friday !!!!! I could not get up for crap this morning. Benny, Lori and I went to the brick house brewery after stich and bitch last night Mark and his friends met us there, they had karokee, all the singers were horrible. wedidn't get home late, I think I was just really tired from yesterday. But I made it through. It was a quick day at work, I got home at 2:00.PM.
So today is Marks pinning ceremony I have to be there at 6:15 tonight, and then my InLaws want to go to dinner afterwards, Not sure where yet. Tomorrow Mark is running the shelter Island run, so we have to catch the ferry at like 1 or 2. Only if it's not raining.I hope it's nice tomorrow. I cant wait to just sit on the grass and knit all alone, until mark comes close to the finish line then I will be there with my pom poms in the air....
So I have to send out mysecret pal box I keep forgetting to bring it in my car so I can stop off at the post office. I sent the secret pal that has me some stich markers I thought she really needed to have them, and she emailed me back and said she loved them. Your welcome secret Pal.
I feel bad im not sure what to hint at you. I really don't know what I need. But you did so great the last time , your awesome I don't think you need my help!
Any way every one have a great weekend..


Dani said...

Sent you the EVH stuff I promised, plus a Sammy thing too for you and Mark to peruse. Wish him luck for me for tomorrow =) And of course congrats on the 1st year down!!!

And you being tired this morning is exactly why I didnt go last night kiddo, I NEVER would have dragged my butt outta bed. Glad you had fun though!!!

Dani said...

check your email, sent ya something else too