Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Dreaming John Lennon.

Alright Last night I had a dream about John Lennon. I met him in the city by his house and he invited me up and he was so cool he gave me a tee shirt that he wore it said peace on it, the dream blew me away when I got up I was depressed because it wasn't true, I probably had the dream because I watched Imagine on one of the HBO channels.
So Just a quick post. I have to get ready to goto work. I wish I can work from home like my friend Dani!! But I can't maybe some day.
I finally finished my tank top I love it, And it fits perfectly. Wow. And the colors are perfect. I was working on my moms skirt which drove crazy, the pattern that I was using, It did not make any sense, So I switched to a similar pattern and I will just add the fringe to it like the other pattern I have posted. That's the only bad thing about translated patterns, the person that is translating spaish to English screws up all the time, almost every pattern that I used out of this book has an error and I can't find any correction for it on line any where. But im doing fine with this one. It's coming out nice i will take a picture of it when I get a chance after work.
So off to work I go...

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Dani said...

It's fun but a little lonely too Cee. I like breaking up my day however I want though ;-)

LOVE the tank BTW - great job!