Wednesday, July 06, 2005

It feels like pea soup !!

Hey All .... What a great weekend, Great weather. And no humidity. Untill today. Yuck! Went to marks friends house in sound beach, What a great area, about half way through the party we took a walk to the beach which was walking distance and I couldn't believe my eyes there were these houses that blew me away! WOW! Some day I will have that, Maybe In my next life. It was Beautiful.
So when we got to the party I went straight for the punch and I spiked it myself, with coconut rum yummy! I have to make that for our next party. It was made with pina colada mix pineapple juice and red grapefruit Juice, I never tasted any punch like it ever. And that was my 4th of July.
On the knitting front, I've been working very hard on my moms skirt I have a picture, and I was looking on line today for extra yarn just in case and I found the same yarn in the yarn market site and it was 10 dollars cheaper. What ever but I figure out after the shipping it would of only been 5 dollars cheaper.
I also found another tank top I haven't finished putting together and It was just like the other top I made that I posted, But the back of it is white, I'll post it too.
And that about it. Another party to goto this weekend, and then down to my moms for some of my stuff that I left there and my bedroom set and some other stuff.
until next post everyone have a great week.......

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