Sunday, July 03, 2005

Just waiting for the big party !!!

Not much going on at the moment. Just waiting for tomorrow to party, Don't know why tomorrow, tonight's the the night to get crazy. I have to work on Tuesday and I can't really drink all night long. But whatever.
So Got up in the middle of the night with allergies, it woke me up @ 3AM I was so tired fell asleep on the couch and woke up at like 6AM and went back in the bed. They come out of no where, I will be fine for a week and the BANG! im dyeing. so my friend Carol came over this morning,we had coffee and caught up on things. Had a few laughs and the she went off to Mahopac NY, that's where she lives. She was out at her cousins in the Hamptons for the weekend and she always swings by on her way home. Then Mark and I went for a bike ride and My legs were killing me that just goes to show you what kind of shape im in. Shhhhh!! Don't tell anyone. And here I am back in the house posting. And that was my day. Can't wait till tomorrow................

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Nae said...

Omg Charrise did you get the loop d loop or whatever book? lol Holy crap they have such nice stuff in that book im making mommy a sweater i have to get the yarn on tuesday i will post a pic when i get it..Im soo burnt from the sun i been down at the lake everyday since it stopped raining Hope you have a happy 4th :)