Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Counting the days!

I can't wait till Sunday. I worked yesterday and I was glad I got an extra day in for extra cash, I think im mentally ready for the plane ride I was really stressing. But Im excited and crazed all at once. I keep telling my self I will be fine.
Knitting: I received stich markers from Gayle they are really cool looking and different tecnique in making them. I have to post the picture when im done here. Thank you gayle. And about the socks, You really have to love knitting in the round and with small needles. I personally love to work on small needles and sock yarn. What ever questions you have just drop me an email. I will happy to help you.
Also my friend at work ordered from knitpicks and you know I just couldn't resist ordering something, So I got baby alpaca 6 of them in two different colors. Kind of oliveish and blueish. I want to make a shawl but now triangle, just as a throw, I have to start on the clapotis. I have to know if it's worked up sideways. Or diagonal.? But other than that, everyone loves the bolero. I love it too, I wore it at night when there was a little chill in the air. Im so taking it on the plane with me just to keep me cozy!
I have to get to AC Moore tomorrow I need 5 or 7 circular needle to take on the plane. this way if they take them away I wont feel so bad I don't think they will but just incase.
Alright gotta fly...... Work is calling.

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Anonymous said...

They probably will not take away your needles, but have a SASE just in case. I've had no trouble with bamboo or with denise needles. Clapotis is worked on the bias. You're gonna love the pattern, but don't forget to keep close tabs on where you are in the first one or two sections. I swear, I had to start it 5 times before I got it right. If you don't post again in the meantime, have a wonderful trip.