Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A long day at work.

So here goes. The other assistant was out yesterday and he " my Boss" never called me to come in, which he knew I was home doing nothing I was so pissed because I need the hours, So I walk into a mess this morning, Instruments every where like Katrina hit the office, It was crazy. And also to find out that he wasn't going to be in the rest of this week, he's going away. So now I need to call the Temp agency tomorrow I hope I get something for the rest of the week We'll see what happens.
Any way I get this awful email from one of my old childhood friends, that I felt like I was being reprimanded like a child which really ticked me off, I guess she can't except the fact that we have grown apart and that I really don't talk to her much and she's upset that im not around to share and part take in her Daughter grow up, it's crazy, I don't really know how or what to say to it but I think im doing well with. So I wrote her a long email saying my feeling on how she has been acting to all of it. I tried to get advice on it. I don't think I need it, Im pretty well grounded, but just to really make sure that im not wrong.
Any way on the knitting front, I am working hard on the Clapotis My fingers hurt, I think I need straight size 7 needles I have to look for them in my needle case I know I have them. It's coming out really nice. One of my friends at work gave me this beautiful yarn to make her friends kid a hat, that will be easy. And that about it.

Oh and Friday is my one year annivsary, I can't believe how quick it went. WOW!!!!


me myself and i said...

WoW! 1 year???? Went quick right??
I know how you feel about the friend situation. I really only have you SnB guys since I have grown so far away from my other friends. But it takes 2 people to have a friendship so i dont feel so bad. You cant be blamed if the other person isnt making an effort too.

Dani said...

That's pretty icky of your boss to do, both not calling and not giving any heads up about the week out of the office - sorry kiddo!

Happy Anniversary early - you two are so cute together - its no wonder time is flying =)

And as for the long time friend - like you said, people grow and change and relationships change - some survive the changes, some dont, and if she attacked you rather than discussing how she felt, well, she brought this on herself. You are a warm, loving caring friend and this is her loss!