Friday, September 02, 2005


Alright. I have to admit I have been watching the TV, Which I can't believe all that's going on, I know this is a knitting blog but I need to say this. It's very upsetting, and the bottom line is this should not be going on in the United States . We can get our Asses over sea in matter of minutes, but when it happens here we scramble like we don't know what to do, or don't have the means. You know if this happened in a high class community they would been there in an instant. A lot of people are angry and maybe we don't understand what is going on, But the Government needs to make it right.
On the knitting front What a great night last night at SnB, I went early and got in hours that I have missed in the past 2 months. I stayed till the very end like usual, lots of new comers. Which the group loves to see, we are definitely growing. Jenn was there, I miss her. And all the others. And then Talin and I did our normal thing after SnB and went to Borders.
So I just wanted to tell my secret pal that Clapotis is coming out great I will take a picture of it today and post it for you to see. I want to thank you so much for the Interlacements Yarn, it's beautiful once again.
So today is our Anniversary and we are going out to a nice romantic dinner, I know it's only a year but It's exciting. My mom and Dad called me this morning to wish me a happy one. That was nice. I love them so much. They are doing very well, Im happy about that. One less thing to worry about. Life seems a little back to normal.


Nae said...

Happy Anniversary :D
Can you bring me back a doggie bag of some left over food :).. Just kidding hope you guys have fun tonight...May there be a million more years of happiness for you guys cause you guys deserve it :D

Anonymous said...

Happy First Anniversary! Mr. Man and I have been together for almost 10 years and it's as good as it was when we started. I wish you two the best!

me myself and i said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Have a great time at was so good to see you the other night!!!