Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I don't have a title for this one

"I just have to say" : I am so glad that everyone agrees with me on that one. Thank you so much for all the uplifting comments. It's Awesome that I do have friends that know me and what kind of a person I am. And some that don't even know me and think im great. Like my secret pal. Like I said before everyone else can take a walk.
What a rough day. It seem like it was never ending, I came home and I was so tired, I pooped out on the bean bad next to the cat and I knitted. I should have taken a picture, It was cute. Then yesterday I spoke to one of my friends that lives in the Bronx and we were talking for a little to catch up on things and ended up she told me a horror story about my brother that threw me for a loop and ruined my day and couldn't get the vision out of my head. So I think that's why I wasn't feeling good because it carried on into today. But im fine now. Mom made me feel better when I spoke to her about it.
"The girl at work" Found out today that Danielle is pregnant, Thank god. Yea! Finally she really need to get going on it, all she talked about was her niece. And it seems that it didn't take them long at all, it was her first try and that was it. Im really happy for her. Now it's like all eyes on me. No way, no how, not yet! And that's where I stand. Im not very sure. Every day im like yea im ready and then the next minute I don't want them yet. So that's how I know im not ready yet.
"On the knitting front" . I would love to meet up with my secret pal I can't wait to find out who she is. I wish she can give me a little hint. And hopfully we can meet in May @ the Maryland festival, Im looking forward to it. And the interlacements is the same as you sent to me but the colorway is: well there is no name for it but the color # is 303. You really got me hooked on the cotton rayon blend. I think im going to make another clap, Or another shawl I just need a nice pattern for it, I have to look on knitty. I started the top secret sweater from knitty it seems to be going well. Im upto the sleeves and then the yoke, I might need help attaching the sleeves and the yoke at the same time. Im going to have to bring it to SnB Thursday night. And Im still knitting up the baby blanket. Im almost done. And you know what I really want. The sweater wizard program. I think Janette has it. She gave me the sock wizard program a while ago. I have to ask her on Thursday at SnB.
"My Mom" : is coming out tomorrow. We are going shopping for a lamp and then some lunch at Famous Daves, I told her about it and she wants to try the buffalo wings. I need a floor lamp to put in the corner where my knitting cubes are so I can't see what im doing. So off to Target we go. And maybe I will take her to Macy's to shop. They are having there one day sale tomorrow. Im looking forward to seeing her tomorrow. I haven't seen her since we got back from Arizona
Talk soon.


stephanie said...
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stephanie said...

hmmmm... my comment stunk, so deleted and am trying again.

I *could* give you hints, but with what you already know about me, you'll very easily figure it out and where's the fun in that?? BTW: is your amazon wish list up to date?