Monday, October 03, 2005

Not much time for knitting this weekend

Hey! I Can't believe it's October. Marks Birthday is on Sunday. Yea!!!! So we are going over his moms for dinner tonight because she's not going to be here this weekend.
I was so bumbed that I didn't get to goto SnB this past Thursday, I got out way to late.
But we had a great weekend Mark played in Poughkeepsie upstate and we had to get up at 5:oo AM we were so tired but it was worth it. It was this big arena and it was for a benefit for zeroderma. He played with the Van Halen Band and they were amazing. They played, along with Areosmith, Rush, and lynard skinnard, They were all very good. So by the time that we left there was so much traffic coming over the Tappenzee bridge, and every where else for that matter it seemed like everyone and their grandmother was out yesterday. We didn't get home till 8:oo PM mind you we left at 5:oo we were so tired by the time we got home.
So moms visit was great we went shopping, I bought a lamp that I needed for my knitting corner. And some other things for the house. We went for lunch @ Famous daves, Mom wasn't too happy with her pulled chicken sandwich. I told her not to get it but she insisted. I had my usual chicken and ribs. Today mother inlaw is making turkey breast and sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. It's like a mini thanksgiving dinner. I love Thanksgiving.

Oh And I almost forgot my knitting projects. I finished the baby blanket, I have to wrap it up and give it to the woman that had the baby. I was trying to make the top secret sweater from Knitty, but I don't think I have enough yarn. I think Im gonna have to wing it. But I don't know how to attach the arms and start the yoke, Im so confused. So I put that aside. I picked up the clapotis and Im almost done with that. And now im looking for a new project. I might get some yarn for the boyfriend hoodie in stich and bitch oneIm thinking cotton Plus From TLC it's cheap but I have used it before. I have to see I have to look it over again. and that's about it. And to my secret pal the list is updated, And thanks for the hint. Wink, wink!!!!!

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