Monday, September 19, 2005

New project over the weekend.

We went on a mission this Sunday I needed a book case for all my knitting books, I was stuffing them all over the place, Under the couch under the sewing machine, I was running out of space I couldn't take it any more. Looks great and there seems to be more room. And every thing is neater. YEA!!!!!! Im so happy now. I don't have to look for anything any more it's all on the shelf. Posted by Picasa


Mod Girl said...

That's great Charisse! It looks like you have your very own yarn store :)
PS - I LOVE the needles!

me myself and i said...

looks great!! I am so jealous! I need major stash organization!

Jess said...

I Like your cubby hole system!! I should really try that!! :)