Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Clap ! hehehehehe!

It's such a gross word that other knitters use for it for short!
We went over that last SnB it was so funny that my eyes were tearing.
Any way im almost done I have accomplished a lot. Posted by Picasa


mayflwr said...

hi there!

I read your comment and though "what a strange request!!" ;) Do you need it for a particular see a certain part clearer etc.? It was a hasty picture, crappy, i agree! Let me know and I'll try to find time to reshoot :D

loving the clap...i agree with you...i giggle everytime i read that on blogs :D

stephanie said...

Great sticktoitiveness on the clapotis!! Make sure your knit buddies get treated too!

Yours is turning out so pretty that I just might finish mine. hmmmm... maybe I'm just doing it on the wrong yarn.