Monday, October 24, 2005

Secret Pal gift!!!! Ahhhhh!

I love it. I have to rip into the bead book. I was just looking at my beads and was wondering what to do with them. I needed a guide, I Thank you for that And I absolutely love the yarn It matches my chocolate Guess Suede Jacket I was looking for a good brown color but just not plain brown I needed a little something else in it and you sent me the perfect Yarn, Really Im gonna knit it up as soon as im done with this post. I love the note cards! And the new knit scene I was looking at it the other night at Borders It's pretty good, I think its a bit better than Knit 1 mag.
And the needle case will come in handy, Due to My Cat "Stan". He eats the top tips of my needles I want to kill him half the time, but he's too cute! When I come home from work I see them on the floor half eaten, It's really funny because I can just see him swatting them with his paw. Sometime I think he wants to learn how to knit.
But Thank you so much all the packages you sent to me are so great,
It's a lot of fun going to the mail box and there's a box/bag sticking out and knowing that it's a gift for you. I love it.


Dani said...

ive been looking for the knit scene and havent seen it in my B & N, and havent been near a borders recently - If you remember will you bring it on Thurs?

What great gifts from your SP!!

stephanie said...

I am so happy you like the goodies. I really did want to wrap those up prettier than I did, but it was late enough as it was. It thought the Knitscene looked pretty good (like Knit1, but with taste). You are going LOVE how the feza knits up. There's a sample at the shop and it's just lovely. Good stitch definition if you want to do cables.