Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Rain Rain go away, Come back next Year!

I really wish this were all Snow! This was I can snuggle under the covers on the carpet and knit in front of the TV and just be so Very content. But this we know wont happen till December.
Any way it has been so miserable. I don't have the energy to blow out my hair in the morning it's just not worth the effort. I hope mom doesn't read that because then she will yell at me.
Work has been chaotic. Everyone is acting wacky and it make the day drag, because I can't wait to leave and go home. I need to find another additional job fast to get the money rolling in, So I can keep up with the increases in the heat this winter. Maybe I should bite my tongue before I say I want it to snow.
So tomorrow I am off and I have a doctors appointment for my annual check up. And I will take the time to pack up my SP gift and close the box and send it off. I also am getting ahead on the cable knit sweater, I am on the arms and they are fun doing the cable pattern and all. So I had a bright idea as I was surfing along I came across a blog I don't remember which one, But she knitted up a sweater, put it all together and then she through it in a pot of dye and it came out beautiful. And that's exactly what Im going to do. I can't wait to finish. Im almost there.
this weekend we are supposed to go camping but im not sure if I want to go if the weather is like this no way no how. But I think im going down to moms for dinner on Sunday. Can't wait she told me she was going to make stuffed artichokes, I can't wait. So that is my week/weekend. I should post some pictures I have to go searching for some.


Mod Girl said...

Glad you like the new blog look – I will be trying out some other looks over the next few days/weeks. The rain is getting to me too – try to think of it as good knitting weather... LOL
I will definitely see you on Thursday – can’t wait!

By the way Stan is super-cute... Give him a snuggle for me!

me myself and i said...

mmmmmmmm....stuffed artichokes!!!

FYRKRKR said...

HI Cee!
I would much prefer snow over the rain we're getting here in Seattle, too! You're cat is adorable. I really love the markers you made & sent me on the Niter Marker Mania! Sorry I am so slow in saying hello! Things are nuts. I finally got a new blog - so feel free to stop by & say Hi! I'm wearing the anklet & although you can't see in the picture using the heart marker in my Flower Basket Shawl.

Take care!