Saturday, October 15, 2005

The sun will come out tomorrow!

OMG! I thought it will never come out. I was happy this morning when I didn't hear the rain fall. So we got up, got dressed and headed out for a little ride. It was nice to see blue sky.
So tomorrow im going to see my mom for a little while, eat dinner. I cant wait for the artichokes. I have to take some knitting for me to do while im there. I can't wait to see the her dog. It's been a while So not really much to report. I know im boring this month. Oh wait a minute, I made like 20 pairs of knitting needles they came out awesome I have to take a picture of them. Oh and today when we were out I stopped at AC MOORE, And I saw Leila from the SnB group she was holding some yarn to her cheek it was funny seeing what all other people (knitters) do while shopping for yarn. But any way im sorry for the short post please forgive me. I will have lots to post maybe Monday. hehehehe!

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