Monday, November 07, 2005

I finished my clap

I finished it.... And yes the walls in my house are blue...
It's a very Rock n Roll house. See the Van Halen pictures behind me. Posted by Picasa


stephanie said...

Absolutely lovely! I'm glad the color suits you. I thought it might, but wasn't quite sure.


Dani said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! (Almost as much as Eddie LOL)

Mod Girl said...

That is just beautiful! I can't wait to see it now that it's completed - maybe someday it will be cool enough outside to wear it!

jen said...

cee! you knit too fast! hee hee
the clapotis is BEAUTIFUL! and that's a cute picture of you modeling it.
the OSW yarn is very pretty. i am the universe's SLOWEST knitter. it takes me way way too long to finish anything. altho these mary janes are going rather fast, i am suprised.