Monday, November 07, 2005

The weeks are flying by.....

I can't believe it's November 7th already, You know it doesn't even feel like the holidays. Usually you really feel it after Halloween. Any way Ive been working almost every day this past week which is good I need the money. And I start the new job on Wednesdays this week. It's just the one day. I hope it goes well. You know how it is when your the new girl- every one shit on you till you prove them wrong. I hope they don't give me a hard time because that's really gonna make my day. Any way I started a one skein wonder and Im almost done. I just picked a nice left over yarn from a tank top I made long ago and I love the colors and I don't remember what yarn it was I didn't save the tag. And I also have Rouge on my list, it a pattern that you can pay and download it great. I did the same with the one skein wonder.
so this weekend Marks friends were over and and we lit a fire in the back yard it was fun it was so beautiful to have a get together. But I ended up going inside and falling asleep, they didn't leave until 1:30 am. And then yesterday i made a great pot of Sunday Sauce. I invited Buddy over for dinner and we watched Detroit Rock City. We were hysterical laughing. And then he left and mark fell asleep and I was up knitting.

And my mission today is to find a spinning wheel around here so I can pick it up instead of having it mailed. But i think Im gonna hold off for a little because they are a little costly, I might have to tell mark to order it for me for Christmas.
And that's all for now....... Have a great week....

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