Sunday, November 27, 2005

It's been a while!!!!

I feel so bad I haven't even wished anyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Im so sorry...
But all in all it was a great one, I got to see my family and we had a really good time, It was great to see my brother, He's doing so good and he looks great. Im so happy for him.
I did stuff my face with stuffing and I couldn't even eat dessert, I had a tad of pudding pie, but that was it for me.
I have been working my ass off, which is great I need to start saving so dough. But I hate the new place, It's just so boring and we don't even get lunch nor are we allowed to converse with each other are the Boss... It's crazy I have never worked in a place like that. It's just two days I know I can deal with it, Im not there to make best friends, We shall see.
So I was also on line x-mas shopping. I got a few things out of the way, and the best way to shop is on line you just have to find that sites that have free shipping. I also got an early Christmas present from FLYING FINGERS from Mark. Just what I always wanted the baby bobbi bear. Some cotton chenille and so manos variegated. I can not wait to get my hands on that box when it comes in the mail. I really should wrap it up for Christmas, But who would wait, Im sure not.
Although I can wait till Christmas is over, this way I can start a new year fresh. I know Christmas will come and go and I don't want to rush it away but I have plans for the year to come I need to get on with it. Well I gotta go I need to goto sleep for a long boring day tomorrow. I have a few pics to post also.

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