Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Woke up with Mark

I know it sounds funny. I woke early and I went to Kohls and got some long sleeve shirts for a couple of buck so I can wear under my scrubs for work. They were having there half off sale they had pretty good finds.
Any way I quit the oral surgeons office, I know only after a few days, there was no way I was gonna make it there. But I have another job lined up I start this Monday coming. It's right around the block from my original job. I can't wait I went to the office yesterday and they hired me on the spot. And the doctor is really sweet, Kinda nerdy but really nice. I know I haven't seen his dentist bad side yet Im sure he has one.
Went to AC Moore this morning also. I had to get some tea light candles. They have them there for so cheap 50 for $1.50, So I got 2 bags I should be good for the winter I love lighting candles around the house. I use them for the Yankee candle tarts they smell up the house so nicely. And Mistletoe is my favorite. I found a Mistletoe candle we had in the attic from last year and I was burning it till it was gone. So I ran out to the store to get some more. I love the smell of Christmas. Any that's all for now Ill let you now how my first day goes on Monday.
And I can't wait to have a nice turkey and Lots of stuffing, i remember when I was younger I used to eat so much stuffing and get so sick, We lived below my grandma and we had Thanks giving upstars And when I ate so mush of it I would get sick and have to go back down stairs and be sick to my stomach from eating to much stuffing. And my mom would always come down and say " you see you ate to much stuffing, See what happens. you do this to your self all the time"
Just to give you an idea of home much I used to eat. My fond memories of Thanks Giving.

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