Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas review!

Wow!!! Christmas was here and It was a great one. But the one thing I hate was that it went so fast and I hate that. It feels like I just got off from work and the four days went by with a blink an eye. All in all it was very nice I have to say, my parents are the best, But towards the end of the night I got very emotional and I was crying. I love them dearly and I worry about them with all the worrying they do, I need them to be here for a while, don't get me wrong nothing is wrong with them Like I said I just got very emotional, I think it might be close to that time of the month where us women get emotional over the smallest thing. I guess my chemistry is changing. hehehehe! I have a few pictures to post I have to reinstall my Kodak picture CD so I can get them up on the blog. Any way it's late and I have to get up early for work tomorrow. More to post tomorrow. Oh and a quick thing I should be getting a package from little knits I can't wait it should be here tomorrow I hope, It was my Christmas gift to my self. Just a little bit of noro........ I can't wait.

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